Six World Marathon Majors: 2024 Dates

Below is a list of all 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors and their 2024 race dates. All big marathons tend to be held around the same time each year. You can also read more about their courses and elevation profiles by clicking on the name of each marathon.

CountryWorld Major2024 Date
🇯🇵Tokyo MarathonMarch 3, 2024
🇺🇸Boston MarathonApril 15, 2024
🇬🇧London MarathonApril 21, 2024
🇩🇪Berlin MarathonSeptember 29, 2024
🇺🇸Chicago MarathonOctober 13, 2024
🇺🇸New York MarathonNovember 3rd, 2024

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