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More than 1,000 marathons are held each year, in the US alone. Globally there are many more. Only six can claim the title of World Marathon Major: Boston, NYC, Chicago, Tokyo, Berlin, and London. Click on a name below to see their course map, elevation profile, and race info, but we do cover hundreds of marathons in addition to these Grand Six.

About RetiSports

RetiSports is focused on marathons, fitness, and outdoor activities. We offer a free Marathon Pace Generator that calculates course-specific, elevation-optimized splits based on your goal time and pacing strategy. One of the best features is that you can customize each split, and the total time will update automatically allowing you to keep track of your goal time while customizing.

We also offer a simple and reusable Pace Band Holder. Just print your pace band at home, and you’re ready to go. No need to order a pre-printed wristband that you can no longer modify, or bring tape to the start line.

Please check out our Online Store to find a growing number of sporting goods.

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RetiSports is based in San Diego, California.