Osaka Marathon – Course, Elevation and Race Info

Osaka Marathon only started in 2011, but has quickly become one of the largest marathons in Japan.

Osaka (大阪) is the third-largest city in the country, following Tokyo and Yokohama, with a population of 2.7 million. Being a major economic hub, Osaka offers a perfect mixture of traditional Japanese culture and the convenience of a modern, developed city.

The course at Osaka Marathon is relatively flat but does have a few rolling hills to challenge you, including the largest one at the 31km mark. The route starts in front of the Osaka Prefectural Government Building, go through several major landmarks, and finishes within Osaka Castle.

Osaka Marathon is capped at 32,000 participants. If the number of applicants exceeds 32K, a drawing will be conducted. In the past Osaka also had a separate cap for international runners (only 700 for 2023, for example), but it’s not mentioned anywhere for 2024.

Osaka Marathon at a Glance

  • Upcoming Race: TBD, 2025
  • 2023 Attendance: 20,000
  • 2024 First Place (Men’s): 02:06:18
  • 2024 First Place (Women’s): 02:24:20
  • Official Website: Osaka Marathon

(A) Osaka Marathon Course Map and Route Info

The official Osaka Marathon course map doesn’t provide street-level details, and because the 2024 course is new, there are no GPS routes uploaded anywhere yet. We did our best to trace the route on Google Maps, and although it may not be 100% accurate, it should be good enough to be used as a reference.

Scroll to zoom in and out. Click and hold to move around. Click on icons to see more race info such as gel stations and notable sights along the route. Water and aid stations are not marked on the map because there are plenty.

(B) Osaka Marathon Elevation Profile

Image credit: Osaka Marathon

(Last Updated: 02/07/2024)

Osaka Marathon Elevation Profile

(C) Osaka Marathon Expo

  • Expo is held for two days prior to the race
  • Location: INTEX Osaka
  • Photo ID is required at time of registration

(D) Hotels and Lodging

Osaka is a large city with booming tourism, so lodging is rarely a problem. But just like every other marathon, with so many people descending at the same time, it means that you still want to book early to avoid surprises.

(E) Transportation

Osaka’s public transportation system is well established and well run.

(F) Weather

Late February in Osaka is still very cold, with temperatures range in the low single digits (C).

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