2024 Japan Marathon Calendar

Running is a popular sport in Japan and the country hosts more than 100 marathons each year. You may know the big ones, such as Tokyo Marathon and Osaka Marathon, but there are many more across the country. If you’re planning to visit Japan in 2024, and are thinking about running a marathon while you’re there, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a list of Japan’s marathons in 2024. All of them host full 26.2-mile marathons, and some also offer half, 10K, and other distances. As you can see, February and March, as well as November and December, are quite busy due to favorable weather conditions, but you can pretty much find a race throughout the year.

Note that some of these races are intended for locals, and their official websites are in Japanese only. So you may need to rely on your browser’s translation function to lean more.

Japan Marathons 2024 (January)
DateEvent NameLocation
1/14/2024Ibusuki Nanohana MarathonIbusuki
1/14/2024Yakushima Round-Trip Super MarathonYakushima Town
1/21/2024Ishigaki Island MarathonOkinawa
1/28/2024Osaka Women’s MarathonOsaka
1/28/2024Katsuta National MarathonIbaraki
1/28/2024Tateyama WAKUTIDE MarathonTateyama City
Japan Marathons 2024 (February)
2/4/2024Kishu Kuroshio MarathonWakayama
2/4/2024Beppu-Oita MarathonOita
2/4/2024Kagawa Marugame International Half MarathonKagawa
2/11/2024Himeji Castle MarathonHyogo
2/11/2024Ehime MarathonEhime
2/12/2024Saitama MarathonShintoshin
2/18/2024Kyoto MarathonKyoto
2/18/2024Kochi Ryoma MarathonKochi
2/18/2024Kitakyushu MarathonKitakyushu
2/18/2024Kumamoto Castle MarathonKumamoto
2/18/2024Okinawa MarathonOkinawa
2/25/2024Nagasaki Goto MarathonNagasaki
2/25/2024Iwaki Sunshine MarathonFukushima
2/25/2024Osaka MarathonOsaka
2/25/2024Soja Kibiji MarathonSoja
2/25/2024Ichigo MarathonKumamoto
Japan Marathons 2024 (March)
3/3/2024Tokyo MarathonTokyo
3/3/2024Kagoshima MarathonKagoshima
3/3/2024Tambasasayama ABC MarathonTambasasayama
3/3/2024Okanosato Meisui MarathonTakeda
3/10/2024Biwako MarathonShiga
3/10/2024Nagoya Women’s MarathonNagoya
3/10/2024Shizuoka MarathonShizuoka
3/17/2024Tottori MarathonTottori
3/17/2024Itabashi City MarathonTokyo
3/24/2024Tokushima MarathonTokushima
3/24/2024Saga Sakura MarathonSaga
3/24/2024Tekken MarathonSaitama
3/31/2024Fukui Sakura MarathonFukui
3/31/2024Tomikuji MarathonOita
Japan Marathons 2024 (April)
4/2/2024Hitachi Sakura MarathonIbaraki
4/16/2024Kaga Onsen MarathonIshikawa
4/21/2024Aomori Sakura MarathonAomori
4/21/2024Fuji Five Lakes Ultra MarathonYamanashi
4/21/2024Kasumigaura MarathonKasumigaura
4/21/2024Nagano MarathonNagano
4/21/2024Sado Island Toki MarathonNiigata
4/21/2024Tohoku Food MarathonMiyagi
4/23/2024Yamadera Zao Super MarathonYamagata
Japan Marathons 2024 (May)
5/12/2024Sendai International Half MarathonSendai
5/19/2024Iwate Oshu Kirameki MarathonIwate
5/19/2024Shiokaze MarathonNiigata
5/19/2024Tohoku MarathonMiyagi
5/19/2024Seiryu MarathonToyama
5/19/2024Toyako MarathonHokkaido
5/19/2024Oshukirameki MarathonIwate
5/19/2024Tokyo 100KTokyo
5/25/2024Kurobe Taikyo MarathonToyama
Japan Marathons 2024 (June)
6/2/2024Chitose JAL MarathonHokkaido
6/2/2024Rishirifuji MarathonHokkaido
6/9/2024Hida Takayama Ultra MarathonTakayama
6/23/2024Saroman MarathonHokkaido
6/23/2024Kokkyo MarathonNagasaki
6/30/2024Hakodate MarathonHokkaido
Japan Marathons 2024 (August)
8/25/2024Hokkaido MarathonHokkaido
Japan Marathons 2024 (September)
9/8/2024Wakkanai MarathonHokkaido
9/15/2024Tazawako MarathonAkita
9/22/2024Harunako MarathonGunma
9/29/2024Abashiri MarathonHokkaido
Japan Marathons 2024 (October)
10/6/2024Apple MarathonAomori
10/6/2024Yamagata MarathonYamagata
10/6/2024Sapporo MarathonHokkaido
10/6/2024Betsukai MarathonHokkaido
10/13/2024Kitakami MarathonIwate
10/13/2024Niigata City MarathonNiigata
10/13/2024Ryoma Defection MarathonKochi
10/19/2024Iheya Moonlight MarathonOkinawa
10/20/2024Omachi Sports MarathonNagano
10/20/2024Shimanto Ultra MarathonKochi
10/20/2024Iwate Morioka City MarathonIwate
10/20/2024Suwako MarathonNagano
10/27/2024Yokohama MarathonKanagawa
10/27/2024Mitokomon Manyu MarathonIbaraki
10/27/2024Kanazawa MarathonKanazawa
Japan Marathons 2024 (November)
11/3/2024Gunma MarathonGunma
11/3/2024Fukko MarathonMiyagi
11/3/2024Toyama MarathonToyama
11/3/2024Kaikyo MarathonYamaguchi
11/10/2024Chiba Aqualine MarathonKisarazu
11/10/2024Matsumoto MarathonNagano
11/10/2024Okayama MarathonOkayama
11/10/2024Fukuoka MarathonFukuoka
11/10/2024Ibigawa MarathonGifu
11/20/2024Kobe MarathonHyogo
11/20/2024Yoron MarathonKagoshima
11/24/2024Ohtawara MarathonTochigi
11/24/2024Fukuchiyama MarathonKyoto
11/24/2024Mt. Fuji International MarathonYamanashi
11/24/2024Tsukuba MarathonIbaraki
Japan Marathons 2024 (December)
12/7/2024Izu Oshima MarathonTokyo
12/8/2024Shonan MarathonKanagawa
12/8/2024Matsuejo MarathonShimane
12/8/2024Naha MarathonOkinawa
12/8/2024Hofu Yomiuri MarathonYamaguchi
TBDNiigata City MarathonNiigata
12/15/2024Fukuroi MelmaraShizuoka
12/15/2024Nara MarathonNara
12/15/2024Aotai MarathonMiyazaki
12/15/2024Hagaji MarathonTochigi
12/15/2024Mie Matsusaka MarathonMie
12/15/2024Okinawa 100K MarathonOkinawa

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