Los Angeles Marathon – Course, Elevation and Race Info

The Los Angeles Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the United States, drawing thousands of participants and spectators every year. Covering 26.2 miles, the race begins at Dodger Stadium and winds through iconic landmarks like the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Sunset Strip, and Beverly Hills, before concluding on the Avenue of the Stars in Century City.

The relatively flat terrain provides runners with a manageable challenge, ideal for both seasoned athletes aiming for personal bests and newcomers to the marathon scene.

Los Angeles Marathon at a Glance

  • Upcoming Race: March 16, 2025
  • 2024 Attendance: 25,000+
  • 2024 First Place (Men’s): 02:11:01
  • 2024 First Place (Women’s): 02:25:29
  • 2023 First Place (Men’s): 02:13:15
  • 2023 First Place (Women’s): 02:31:02
  • Official Website: LA Marathon

(A) LA Marathon Course Map and Route Info

Scroll to zoom in and out. Click and hold to move around. Click on icons to see more race info such as gel stations and notable sights along the route. Water and aid stations are not marked on the map because there are plenty.

(B) LA Marathon Elevation Profile Interactive Chart

(Last Updated: 11/16/2023)

(C) The Los Angeles Marathon Lifestyle Expo

  • Bib Number and Race Packet pick up. There is no race day bib pick-up unless you have pre-purchased Start Line Hospitality.
  • Location: Dodger Stadium, Lot G (Outdoors)
  • Parking is FREE at Dodger Stadium

(D) Hotels and Lodging

LA Marathon’s official hotel partners are listed on their website. If you book one of these hotels, you will have access to complimentary round-trip shuttle service (see below).

(E) Transportation

Unlike many big cities, public transportation in LA is not a good option, or not an option at all. You’ll most likely have to drive or Uber, and then rely on race-day free shuttles to get around.

If you drive to the finish line, you can take the free shuttle to the start line (reservation is recommended). However, you will need to pay for parking. You’re strongly encouraged to pre-purchase parking to make it easier on race day.

If you drive to the start line (Dodger Stadium), you get free parking on race day. But, there is NO shuttle service to take you back to the start line after the race.

Other than the finish line, there is also free shuttle from Union Station in Downtown LA to the start line. However, there are NO shuttles back to the Union Station.

If you booked a hotel in Downtown LA at one of the event’s preferred hotels, there will be free shuttle services to the start line, and also return shuttles back to the hotel area.

(F) Weather

Southern California’s weather in mid March is very pleasant for running. However, 2024 is an El Niño year and chances of raining are much higher than usual.

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(G) Los Angeles Marathon FAQ

What races are offered at the LA Marathon?

Full Marathon, Charity Half Marathon (for charity participants only), 5K, and Kids Run

What’s the time limit?

Full marathon time limit is 6.5 hours after the last runner starts. After this time road traffic will gradually reopen. Runners who wish to continue after the cut off time are allowed to do so, but must run on the sidewalk and follow all pedestrian traffic rules.

Can I get a refund or deferral if I can’t make it this year?

No, LA Marathon doesn’t offer refunds or deferrals.

Can family/friends join me in the start or finish area?

Yes, the entire marathon course is open to the public, including the start line and finish line.

Can someone else pick up my bib and race packet?

No, bibs must be picked up by runners themselves. However, if you can’t attend the Expo, you may purchase Start Line Hospitality which includes race day bib pickup.

Can you mail my bib and race packet?

No, they must be picked up at the Expo.

How many aid stations are on the course?

There will be 19 aid stations along the course, each offering water and Electrolit.

Two stations will have GU Energy Gels (see map above).

There’re also 13 medical stations including the start area and finish line.

Are there pacers at LA Marathon?

Yes, pacers are available for the following finish times: 3:00; 3:10; 3:20; 3:30; 3:40; 3:50; 4:00; 4:10; 4:20; 4:30; 4:40; 4:50; 5:00; 5:15; 5:30; 5:45; 6:00; 6:15; 6:30.

What is LA Loyal?

LA Loyal is a loyalty program for runners who run the LA Marathon in consecutive years. Everyone can join and based on your milestones, you might receive a pin, unique loyal bib, hat, towel, or other special rewards.

What are Challenge Medals?

LA Marathon offers challenge medals to runners who complete a specific combination of races in a pre-defined order, within the same season. This is a medal in addition to the LA Marathon Medal if you complete the race. In 2024, three challenge medals are available and one of them is for runners who completes Santa Monica Classic 10K, then Rose Bowl Half Marathon, and finally LA Full Marathon.

If you register with the same name, birth date and email address for all required events, you’ll be eligible to collect the challenge medal.

What is the Pro Program?

If your finish time is under 2:30:00 (Men) or 3:00:00 (Women), you can elect to race in the Pro Division. You need to email the organizer with proof of finished time, which must be within the previous 24 months, to elect to race as a Pro. If approved your entry fee will be waived, and you can enjoy the pre-race hospitality and amenities reserved for Pro runners.

What’s the Elite Age Group Program?

Elite Age Group Division has lower bars than Pro: under 2:45 for Men, or under 3:20 for Women.

Can I wear headphones during the race?


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